Mallet Making Sessions

The crew has been destroying a few mallets lately so it was decided to have a bit of a mallet building session.

Beers and Pipes

Some new pinky purple piping was sourced. Glenn showed his consistency in cutting (Maybe he was focusing too much on the beer


Leo at work

Leo trying to look like he knows what he is doing



Chris at pace

Chris does everything with pace

Dylan Jason

Dylan having an identity crisis and thinking for a moment he was Jason















In the end some good mallets were built and beer and cider and moonshine was drunk. A few of the finished products will be on display at Taupo tap out.

Big thanks to Down Low Polo for supply the fixcraft shafts at a great price. Also thanks to Mikey and Tanz for organising the piping. Oh, and thanks to Tumeke Cycle Space for use of the venue.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Auckland's own coat of Arms


With a big thanks to Matt and Leo we now have a coats of arms for whatever purpose we like.

The general theme is based around the Auckland coat of arms with a few modifications. The Lion representing Auckland’s first tournament (King of the Kage) and the idea that ongoing all tournaments will have this theme. The mallets are from an earlier logo the team used for the first tournament we attended (Christchurch – Winter Whack)¬†and the bike I hope is self¬†explanatory. The guys have managed to captured a good representation of our history and linking it to Auckland well.

I’m looking forward to seeing this pop up around the place on various pieces of media.